TURKISH CULT is a group of cinema enthusiasts gathered in 2009 with the aim of introducing Turkish Cult movies to worldwide audiences.


We cherry-pick action hero films, western and erotic films along with remakes based on our own experiences. These are interesting films from 60s and 70s that remained in the shade of the mainstream Turkish cinema plus include star cult actors such as Cuneyt Arkin, Yilmaz Guney, Irfan Atasoy and many more.


The items on sale on our website are all artworks and are shipped with a complimentary DVDR with English subtitles. These complimentary DVD discs are prepared completely loyal to the VHS Tapes or VCD original resources. Our services for sale based on Subtitle Works only in English. This is the hobby, therefore main movie sale, broadcast and copy rights are reserved to local country and not relevant to our works. 


Subtitles are translated based on American English and their quality is graded between 3 to 5:


Grade 3 is for average quality subtitles, however this does not cause any comprehension problems for the audience.

Grade 4 is a higher quality of subtitles, where the audience can easily understand the slangs and idioms in the film.

Grade 5 is the highest quality of subtitles, which means that all content is edited and proofread by a native speaker.


If you have reached us through cinema publications, DVD companies or forums, and would like to look into our collection and write a critique please do not hesitate to get in touch! You can reach us by use Contact menu.


You can see all of the items that are currently on sale by clicking on the Categories menu on the left-hand side of the page. We regularly update and share information about upcoming works in our News section, be sure to check it out!


We may ship items anywhere and over seas as well (Australia , Japan , South America ...etc)


As a kind reminder (from effective 12th of August 2015) please contact us before purchasing via Contact Menu regarding all entries on our web page. 




Turkishcult Team